Bangkok Musings: Food Trip

Thai food is amazeballs.

Look, I’m not a historian, neither am I a culinary arts student or some sort of food expert, I only know what my tastebuds tell me, and that is that Thai food, for some form or reason, is amazing.

As mentioned in my previous post, one of my goals in this Bangkok trip was to eat as much good food as I possibly can.

Of course the best way to do this is to have someone who knows the best places to eat. Considering I didn’t know anyone in Bangkok, the best way to go about it was to find a tour.

I asked a couple of my friends who have been to Bangkok and they all recommended to me the same food tour: Best Eats Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk. It did not disappoint.

Pros: You get everything all in one. It’s kind of a tour of Bangkok (there is a stop over in one of the temples and a nice viewpoint stop), a fun Tuk Tuk ride, a cool and funny guide and amazing food. It’s extremely well organized and you will never feel unsafe or lost.

Cons: I can’t think of any. Maybe if you have someone in your group who is a buzzkill, but hey the tour company can’t control that (and you can book a more expensive private tour if you wish).

*Note I have no connection whatsover to the tour company except for the fact that I used their service and was happy with it.

Anyway – Bangkok Food Tours, the company that does this food tour, has a bunch of other tours available, food and non-food related, in different times of days and in different modes of transportation, so you may be interested to check that out. Unknowingly, we actually booked our Private Half Day Tour of Bangkok with their company but via Klook (story for another time – but service was also good except for a slight misunderstanding about the meet up time).

We chose a Tuk Tuk tour because I mean, you’re in Bangkok so might as well try the local transportation. We also wanted to do the evening tour as it fit better with our schedule and it’s just way better to be going around and walking around the city in the evening (believe me, it is hot). We also decided to do a group tour, well just because it’s cheaper and it didn’t make sense to get a private one just for this.

admin stuff: booking the tour and whatnot

We booked directly on the site and paid online. We paid 2,150 THB (around 60 euros) per person. It’s important to note before purchsing there are several caveats to this tour, specifically about the food (there will be seafood and meat) and there is a dress code to follow as it includes a temple visit. Make sure to read this first!

You can choose a time slot starting from 6pm til 8pm each night. It takes around 4 hours (in our case around 4h30), so choose well if you don’t like staying up or eating too late. They will send an email which has ALL the information you need. Inlcuded there is a question if you would like to avail of complementary insurance (meaning it’s already included when you buy the tour), in case you do not have your own. You will need to send some information, but again, that will be on the mail.

ADMIN STUFF: MEET up point and drop off

In front of the Sam Yan MRT

The meet up point is right in from of the Sam Yan MRT station. From our hotel, it was an easy trip. We took the BTS from National Stadium and then got off at Sala Daeng. At Sala Daeng, there is a connection to the MTR that you can catch to Sam Yan, or just walk (it’s around 15 minute walk).

You don’t need to worry about drop off if you stay within the city, the tuktuk will drop you off directly at your hotel (if it’s within the city).

Tour details

When we got to the meet up point around 20 minutes early, the tour guide was already there. It was easy to spot him as he was wearing a bright green shirt with the logo of the Bangkok Eats company. We were there a bit early so we took some time to check out the mall in front of the MTR station.

We were a group of around 10 people (I think). As soon as we were all there and ready (we waited some 15 minutes for another group that never showed up), our guide (sorry I can’t remember his name but he was fun!!) called up the tuktuks. Basically each group of 2 to 3 gets a tuktuk. We were 3 people and could fit into one tuktuk. You ride this same tuk tuk for the rest of the tour, so best to remember what it and the driver look like.

Don’t have the best picture of this night – a tuktuk

Not gonna lie and tell you I remember EVERYTHING about the tour, but here are the major details.

First stop was nearby at a Northeastern Thai restaurant wherein we were served several dishes such as spicy raw papaya salat, spicy pork salad and spicy pork meat balls. (Spice was medium level). Good start, but this was just the appetizer!

Second stop was at Chicken crispy noodle place where they showed some fancy wok moves before we sat and were served this amazing chicken dish.

The next stop was thankfully a non eating place. Feeling full from the first 2 stops, we were dropped off at the Chatuchak flower market wherein we walked through and received some flowers to be offered on our next stop.

At the next stop, we ended up at Wat Arun. Here our guide gave us some historical information and let us offer the flowers from the market, to one of the kings who best represent what we would like to wish for.

Back to the tuktuk, our next stop was a rooftop bar. Super nice view, great ambiance. The only con was we couldn’t stay longer.

At the end of this food journey, we go to the original store of Thipsamai for THE BEST PAD THAI EVER. At near midnight, the line is still long to get in. Not much time to wait as the tour takes care of this and we go in for the final meal of the night. You can choose between the original and the special. I prefer the special one but if you are more than 1 in a party, it’s ideal to try them both! They were both delicious!

But oh wait, we didn’t get snacks at the flower market as the stall was closed, so our guide gives us something extra for dessert at the end. I will be honest and tell you that I was super doubtful about this snack as it contained everything that I don’t like, but of course after trying it, IT WAS SO GOOD. Very sad to not remember what it was called.

This was the stall selling it but you don’t see the final product

Overall, this tour was super worth it. Informational, well organized, tour guide was funny and nice, and all the food served was amazing. The breaks in between the eating was really helpful as it’s not possible to eat like 5 meals all in one night.

Highlights for me: The chicken and Pad Thai. Amazing.

P.S. Don’t forget to tip your tuk tuk driver and guide 😉

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