Brussels Bright: 2020

or that time of nothingness in between Christmas and Spring (and confinement)

To be perfectly honest, I find myself busier at work nowadays, as work seems to have ramped up in the past weeks. Still thankful to be gainfully employed and busy (and not have to commute so much to work), but of course not as much time to catch up on blog posts as I thought.

Anyway, this post, like all of my posts, will be about that blissful time of ignorance, when no one knew the shit that was about to happen all over the world.

The day was Friday, 14 February 2020: Valentine’s day. Not a very popular holiday in Belgium, but it was a memorable day for a different kind of reason. It was the 2nd day of this year’s edition of Bright Brussels.

Bright Brussels is a yearly event in Brussels (duh), wherein all kinds of light installations are set up all over the city. It’s normally held in the winter month of February, which is perfect timing as it’s normally a dead season in town. Christmas festivities have ended and not much going on until Spring. This year it was held from 13 February to 16 February (it’s normally a weekend of course).

The installations are changed yearly, so you can go to this thing every year and see something new. I first went in 2018, but at that time, we only saw around 3 to 4 installations before giving up coz it was just too damn cold. I was too traumatized by the cold so we didn’t make any plans to go to the 2019 one.

This year, due to the surprisingly mild winter, conditions were perfect for a good stroll through Brussels (and the crowds this year certainly knew this as well).

I came prepared this time (and I would advise to do the same). I printed out a copy of the map and some descriptions of the installations. This way, we’d have at least a sense of direction of where to go and also have the best route to avoid walking around in circles. The map can be printed out from the Bright Brussels site.

An excerpt from this year’s map

This year’s edition had more than 20 installations all over the city, and after 2.5 hours of walking, we only could go and see around 9 of them. Not all of them are impressive and you spend maybe a minute on the most uninteresting ones, but the most interesting ones, you could spend more than 5 minutes watching.

No one asked for my opinion yet here it is – this year’s installations were amazing. It was certainly worth going to. The best ones were the installations in Mont des arts of flying fish (?) and the techno disco rave lights behind the Magritte museum. I think we spent 10 minutes each for these 2 installations.

Some photos of the other installations as well below

Anyway what is the point of this blog post? Just to say that if you are ever in Brussels during Bright Brussels, it would definitely be worth a look. Check out their site and of course you can find them on Facebook to be updated on when the 2021 edition would be held.

Lastly – I just wanted to add. We had dinner at an amazing Syrian restaurant in Brussels Center called Zain Al Shaam. Check them out.

Forgot what this is called but everything was super good

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