Exciting times at Lyon TGV Station (and some Chambery on the side)

So finally our Annecy trip has come to an end.

From our last adventure at Semnoz, we had to drive back to Lyon Saint Exupery Airport to spend our last night at an airport hotel.

Strategically it was just to make our lives easier and not be in such a hurry to return the car and catch the TGV from there.

Anyway, before all that, we decided to do one last stop at Chambery before heading straight for the hotel.


Chambery is the capital of the Savoyard department. I mean honestly before we decided on a whim to go there, I really didn’t know shit except that it’s on the way to some known skiing areas.

Chambery in relation to Lyon and Annecy

After some quick googling, we decided to head off onto old town and check out some of the listed famous sites.

The first – and the one that I really loved – was this 4 elephant monument thing (Fontaine des Elephants) Because… elephants! How random!

Don’t ask me what it’s for because I really didn’t absorb the cultural significance, you can read it anyway in Wikipedia.


After that we just wandered around the old city and had no specific places in mind.

The city itself is really charming. I really liked the vibe. It did seem like a capital city in the sense that the city is in a bigger scale, but there was still something that made it feel like a city in the province. Overall I’d definitely list it as one of the places I could potentially see myself living in (yes I make these judgments that fast).

I really like cities that have city life character (read: there was a Galeries Lafayette), but still had that kind of campagne charm.

Anyway – after that, we went straight to the hotel for some R&R

P.S. We stayed at Ibis Budget Lyon Saint Exupery which was actually nice – but considering one night here was equal to 2 nights in our Airbnb, also more expensive.

Now to the exciting part.

Vigipirate – making your commute interesting

In the morning, we checked out and walked to the TGV station (there’s a free shuttle but honestly it’s not that far).

First thing we did was get in line for the one and only bakery in the station to get some coffee and lunch.

As we were about to sit down, some soldiers suddenly approached the tables and the bakery to say that everyone had to leave the station because of an unattended bag.

Was taking a pic of the surrounding but captured the soldiers as they were coming to inspect the left bag

It’s funny how the people at the bakery’s first reaction/comments were how they were going to lose so much money over this… again. Lol.

Anyway, so we went out the station, but they kinda let us stay just literally outside the glass doors. What’s more funny is that people still kept trying to go in, just completely ignoring the soldiers that were standing in front of the door. Mostly because they’ve become such a common sight around the train stations so it’s not that alarming anymore.

I knew that protocol would mean that they would blow up this bag if no one would come to claim it. It happened already to a friend of V who forgot his bag at a train station in Paris. When he came back, they told him they already blew up his bag.

We were anxiously/excitedly waiting to see how that whole process goes (there’s actually a bunch of videos on you tube with this).

After like maybe 10 minutes, firemen finally arrive and ask us to move further away from the door.

After around 5 more minutes, a man comes running in from the other side of the door.

A police offer checks the contents of the bag.

The man then comes up to the bag and walks away with it.

Boom – story over.

We are all let into the station and I see police talking to the man.

After some research, I’ve found that you can actually also get fined for this and it’s worse if you cause delays in train traffic. Read about it here


They are serious about that here.

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