What else to do around Annecy?

So you’ve just spent 3 hours in Annecy ville, what next??

So to be honest, while Annecy (the city) was beautiful, amazeballs, like it’s not possible to spend 3 whole days just hanging out in the city… Not when you have such amazing nature waiting for you!

Thankfully I was being cheap, so I didn’t book a hotel in Annecy itself. I found a nice studio in another city called Montmin, a 30 minute drive away.

Montmin in the periphery of Lake Annecy

On the way to Montmin, we drove past such amazing scenery.

Driving around Lake Annecy

Chateau de Menthon-Saint-Bernard

In the commune of Menthon Saint Bernard lies a chateau, the so creatively named Chateau de Menthon-Saint-Bernard. I’ve read somewhere it was supposed to inspire some Disney movie castle but I mean there’s like 20 castles laying claim to something like this – but who cares, they are all beautiful…

Sadly the chateau is only open from April to October, so we weren’t able to even decide if we would have gone in or not. I got some nice pictures from the car though. Lol

Practical info can be found here. It’s only in French but that’s what Google Translate is for. 🙂

The Chateau is on the route from Annecy to Montmin and is seeable in some hiking routes around the area (more on that later!).

Annecy to Montmin

Airbnb and Dinner in Montmin

After around 35 minutes of zig zagging up the mountains (and trying to avoid bikers), we finally arrived at our Airbnb in Col de la Forclaz. Let me tell you – it wasn’t that hard to figure out which one it was. There was literally no other house in this street.

The Airbnb house

The views from the house was amazing. In front of it are the slopes of a ski station (no more snow so it wasn’t operational – not sure if it still is though even in winter),

The Airbnb was a studio unit at the ground floor of the house of the owner. Don’t worry though if you like your privacy, we only saw the owner once – when she gave us the keys to the house. The studio is great, simple but has everything. But of course, it’s the view that was top notch.

It’s also literally on the trail to Col de la Forclaz so if you walk up the road for a couple of minutes, you will reach the take off location of paragliders! (More on that later)

View in front of the house

I was a bit worried about dinner as I’ve read that there’s no commercial area nearby, but actually, the house is situated right beside 2 restaurants. Unfortunately one of them was closed (La Ferme – where you dine right beside a cow barn), but the other restaurant – Chalet La Pricaz – was still open. It had really great ratings and offered traditional Savoyard fare so off we went to try it.

With sunlight, the restaurant has a terrace that offers a great view of Lake Annecy. In the evenings, as it’s chilly, it’s best to stay indoors. I totally loved the indoors though. It’s exactly what I would have imagined a cabin in the alps would look like.

V and I shared an amazing fondue. The people were nice and friendly and the food was great. All in all, a great way to end the day.


More on what to do around Annecy on next post here!

Chateu de Menthon Saint Bernard is located at Allée du Château, 74290 Menthon-Saint-Bernard, France

This is the link to the airbnb studio unit in Col de la Forclaz

La Ferme can be found on the route to Col de la Forcalz here (couldn’t find an address so instead it’s a google maps link)

Chalet La Pricaz is right beside La Ferme and found also in Col de la Forclaz route here (also no address)


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