Do you see what Annecy?

or how I didn’t really spend a lot of time in a city I’ve been wanting to go to for months

So finally, after a 40 minute drive from Aix les Bains, we finally arrived in Annecy!

(Read about our stop at Aix Les Bains here)

Well, the periphery of Annecy anyway. How do you know? All the traffic.

Found a parking spot right by the edge of the lake and walked down to old town!

Annecy is a city in the Haute Savoie department of France (known for their amazing cheese – like what region in France isn’t – and of course, cheesy food like raclette (technically a cheese but I refer to the dinner with raclette), fondue and tartiflette!) It’s quite near to the Swiss border, hence the similarities in the food offerings.

Somewhere between Geneva and Lyon

Annecy, along with a bunch of other towns, sits at the edge of Lake Annecy. What makes this city so beautiful is the stunning combination of the old city, with the perfect backdrop of lake and mountains that surround it.

Annecy old town is magical, almost fake, like some set in a Disney park.

We walked around a bit inside old town without any real agenda. Found ourselves walking up in front of the chateau but didn’t go in (as it was paying and we aren’t big chateau fans).

The best places of Annecy ville are the places with the canals – super photogenic, really beautiful. It’s also where you find the most tourists taking pictures.

Venice of the Alps

So yea, Annecy is tiny. Like I think we spent an hour walking around old town and finally headed off to walk around by the lake.

Lake Annecy

So while the city is beautiful, to me, the real appeal of Annecy is the lake. I didn’t get there in time for a photo with snow capped mountains, but even then the scenery was just wow.

Lake Annecy – Hot damn

I mean really if I had to choose between visiting the city and walking more around the lake, I would have chosen to just do the round by the lake.

The lake has a walking/biking path that allows you to go around the whole lake in around 2 hours (by bike). If you have time to do this, I would highly recommend it.

For us, we still had a couple of kilometers to drive to get to our Airbnb, so we decided to just chill and sit by the lake for some time.

Weather was great so there were a ton of people just doing the same. Got to meet some of the locals while hanging out here as well.

Some local swans on the prowl

Before we drove off, we decided to take a small hike up the Basilique de la Visitation as it was near our parking.

Reminded me a lot of the church in Lourdes.

Basilique de la Visitation

All in all, we spent maybe 3 hours in Annecy before leaving to go to our Airbnb at Col de la Forclaz.

As we were driving out of the city, we passed by some roads with several breathtaking views of Lake Annecy.

Lake Annecy is officially my favorite lake of all time (not that I ever had one before).

Now off to the real adventure in Annecy.


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