Prison Island

Or what to do in that dead time between the Christmas holidays and Spring

So this year, my friends and I have somehow unconsciously decided that meeting up just for eating and drinking is getting a bit old. There is little to no motivation to go out and suffer through the bitter cold (and most likely, rain), when these 2 activities can be done at home, where it is warm and dry and cozy (and cheap).

After our initial Mario Kart discovery, we decided to get a bit creative and have decided to pretty much try out all the interesting indoor activities we can find.

Prison Island: Escape game x Crystal Maze (or for Frenchies – Fort Boyard)

Found in a huge warehouse compound called Finlandia near Kortrijk, Prison island, according to their official posters, is a combination of an escape game and Fort Boyard . I honestly have no idea about this Fort Boyard show so I’m just gonna compare it to something akin to Crystal Maze (check the links if you don’t know either shows). I don’t even actually see where escape game goes into this, but ok.

WTH is Prison Island

Anyway, the point of the game is that for each team (3 to 4 people) you have around 1 hour to win as much points by completing challenges in all the different rooms. This place in Kortrijk has 30 rooms you can choose from. Each room has different challenges you need to complete within a certain amount of time. There’s little to no clue on what the challenge is, so part of the puzzle is trying to understand what you need to do in each room. There is a small placard in front of each room to give you an idea on which aspect the challenge will be – if it’s something physical (hint: climbing), mental (hint: math), skills (hint: puzzles), etc.

I won’t go much into what I encountered in each room as it will spoil the fun if you ever do it, but I will just say – BALL FILLED ROOM.

It goes without saying, don’t plan on doing this activity wearing a dress and heels. Expect to sweat a little (or a lot, depends on how invested you are).

Final Verdict

Would I do it again? fyeah. I think we only covered half of all available rooms.For the ones we did do, I don’t think we successfully completed 3/4 of them

Not so fun factors? It’s pricey. 17 euros per person for a game.

Other things non Prison Island

If Prison Island ain’t your thing, Finlandia has a bunch of other activities you can do. When we went, we did a combo of ice skating, Prison Island and beer drinking (with beer drinking coming at the end and not the start of all this).

Visit the Finlandia site (though as usual, it is only available in French and Dutch). Prison Island can also be found in another location in Eeklo. Check site here.

Finlandia/Prison Island can be found in Wevelgem

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