Mario Kart IRL

Ok so first of all, I have clearly been living under a rock for 2 or so years for not finding out about this place sooner.

If you’re a fan of Go Kart AND mayhem in general (I mean you don’t even need to know about Mario Kart), Battlekart is the place to go.

What is it exactly?

Well the simplest explanation is that it’s Go Kart but on a projected track. Depending on what kind of mode or course you do, the objective is different in each. In general, for the standard battle race mode, you have to do as many laps as possible. (Explanation for other modes on the site here)

The catch is that like in Mario Kart, you can drive through the “bonuses” to get random items that you can use to stop others (like missiles, oil spills) or protect yourself/make you go faster (shields, boost). Each kart has buttons for these actions and a small computer screen on the side to see what items you have and who stopped you.

Anyway, if you still don’t understand, just check out the description on the site itself (though most of it is only available in French and a little explanation in Dutch).

Does it live up to the game?

Heck yeah.

We chose to to do the Sensations package which is composed of 4 rounds of Battle Race with 1 last round of Battle Color, lasting a total of 20 minutes for all.

We were 10 people (max 12 in a game) and it was insane. On the first round, people were just starting to get a hang of it so people could still go around the track smoothly. By the 2nd to 4th round, the goal changed from doing as much laps to just stopping/annoying people as much as possible.

Terrible pictures of the track

Final Verdict

Would I come back and do it again? fyeah.

Not so fun factors? It can get pricey for the longer games – but 1 game should just set you back 6 euros. Also, honestly, my neck hurt a bit from all the shock of people bumping into me at high speed.

So yea, seriously, they should really just stop advertising waffles and chocolate and just say that Belgium is the home of the only real life Mario Kart (I’ve searched and I haven’t found anything similar – yet).

If nothing makes sense – just watch their video below.

Battlekart can be found in Mouscron (Rue du Valemprez, 20A • 7711 Dottignies )

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